With Almost Crystal Clarity
Part III from Surfaces Trilogy
The walls are gone now
Smashed to pieces.
The door is still standing though,
Inviting me back in.

There is an ocean beyond the rubble
Wider than freedom itself,
Deep enough for all mercy.
It ebbs and flows with more grace
Than God himself could ever have intended.
And it sings of peace and ultimate tranquility.

The ocean was always there,
Obstructed from vision by the evil wall.
It always will be.
And now I sit on the shore
Gazing back through the door
To the white, white room of no identity.
The cell I had been in for so long.
The home of contemptment.

And I watch the ocean,
That engulfs the sky; horizonless
And I wish I could swim.
written and © by David Spelling 1988
layout © 2008 Dunn by Paul